Recital: June 16, 2014 6pm

The recital is held at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Pittsford, NY. 

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A reception will follow the recital. Please bring a snack or treat to share. I will provide pizza and lemonade. 
IMPORTANT: please be sure your item is peanut/nut free. Please let me know of any other food allergies.


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Finn Pouthier

Finn & The Seton Kindergarten

Dean Giess

Josephine Webster

Katey Laird

Talia Ferreira

Lizzy Creary

Addie Grace

Kaitlyn Dushuk

Ella Yager

The Seton Third Grade

John Giess

Audrey Hintz

Andrew Collison

Sophie Thrall

Rocco Jones

Olivia Rodemerk 

Michael Singh

Atharva Shaligram

Hunter Grace

Nicholas Dapshi

Grace Fisher

Monica Verma

Monica & The Seton Fifth Grade

Shannon Ruppert

Nicholas Lynch

Dominika Homa 1

Dominika Homa 2

Bridget Kerwin 1

Bridget Kerwin

Lily & Bridget

Lily Ryan

Ben Coffey 1

Ben Coffey 2

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