PK 3 & 4 | 8:10am & 8:40am


1) Rhythm Train — students follow you in single file, chanting “chug-ga-chug-ga-chug-ga-chug-ga choo—choo—" while you beat the large hand drum. The caboose, last student in line, rings the cow bell. Circle the room and snake the kids into circle and have them sit.

Jesus We Are Gathered — sing through twice.

Twinkle, Twinkle & ABC’s — sing through each song once. 

They also may request to sing Jingle Bells as well.

BOOTS — have to students dance along Laurie Berkner’s BOOTS 

The Dinosaurs—Have the student act through while listening to Laurie Berkner’s We Are The Dinosaurs

It’s Halloween—For fun, sing through It’s Halloween.

Send Me Jesus

Rhythm Train—same as they entered.

 Robert Laird © 2016